Eco-Consultancy Limited is a private company based in Juba, South Sudan; and was incorporated in December, 2010 under Registration No. 8944. Eco-Consultancy Ltd is an Environmental and Wildlife Management Consultancy firm with the objective of providing sound and effective solutions to the common challenges of Environmental Conservation affecting the wellbeing of our environment, the livelihood of communities, institutions and corporate in South Sudan.
The firm brings together a highly competent team of South Sudanese professionals with a wide base of expertise to undertake and provide solutions to the diverse and ever dynamic environmental and wildlife challenges we face. These will be achieved through the use of up to date procedures as well as the most advanced and highly efficient technologies. In addition, the firm will employ the expertise of well informed professionals to provide high quality services required promptly.

Environmental Policy

Eco-Consultancy is committed to comply with Environmental Ethics; and work in line with the national and international Environmental Policy, Environmental Law, Environmental Regulation and guidelines.

Eco Consultancy is a consulting and research based Services Company, specializing in competitive & business solutions for the environmental issues and development strategy. We focus on creative and innovative field-based in providing sustainable solutions to our clients and promote environmental management awareness by utilizing social media, events and education. We take initiatives to form strategic partnerships with our partners to develop public value and communicate the philosophy of sustainability.