Personal Expertise

The consultancy comprises of experts, who are well conversant with the history of conservation and environmental management in South Sudan. All the experts are trained in Natural Resources and Environmental Studies including Impact Assessment and Audit at Sudanese, Kenyan, Ugandan, USA, Germany, China and UK Universities.
Our experience ranges between 3-30 years in initiating, creating and implementing funded natural resource management projects and the environmental conservation. We have participated in/and accomplished USAID/USDA funded projects in South Sudan.

Prior Experience

The directors and consultants of Eco-Consultancy Ltd are qualified South Sudanese Professionals with wide experiences in environmental conservation issues in South Sudan and the region, their work include but not limited to:
1. The Environmental Threats and Opportunities Assessment, USAID strategic plan 2003-2007:
2. The UNEP’s Sudan post-conflict Environmental Assessment, 2007/2008:
3. The Bahr El-Jebel hydro-power Environmental Impact Assessment: conducted by the Australian based Snowy Mountain Engineering Company (SMEC).
4. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for renovation of Torit technical School in Eastern Equatoria and Lanya technical school in Central Equatoria States.
5. The members also conducted several studies on Wildlife and Environmental Conservation in South Sudan and the region.
6. Environmental Impact Assessment for Asmara (F5) Industrial limited proposed water processing plant located in Gumbo, Central Equatoria State- 2012.
7. Environmental impact statement (EIA) for Demulsifier Incident at Odema Boma, Lokiliri Payam, Juba-Nimule road, RSS -2013